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I think I bought GK3 after the Da Vinci code was released, although I didn’t know anything about either story.  I’d finally bought a PC and I bought all of the games I missed out on that I wanted to play.  I liked GK3 despite the quirky camera control, and I probably never would’ve won it without using a walkthrough.  But the ending was a bit too Last Crusades-ish.  I would’ve liked to see the ending done differently starting at the part where that guy reveals his secret and true origin, which took all of the mystery out of the rest of the game and made the last sequence all about navigating traps.

I didn’t like GK1’s ending sequence much either now that I think about it.  It didn’t fit the voodoo atmosphere.  However, I really like GK2’s ending.  I thought the whole game was excellent and it’s probably the best FMV game ever made, although I’d probably be alone if I made a case for Return to Zork being the best.