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I doubt it. However I feel this is kinda unfair, since GK3 is a lot older than Brown’s novel and most people suddenly thought they were reading a completely original story. In fact I often feel annoyed when I listen to people talking about how marvelous The Da Vince Code was, since I think Jensen’s story was a lot more interesting. Probably it’s just a matter of opinion. I’m also sad, since I think Vivendi should have used this moment of sudden interest to resell Gabriel Knight 3. I believe it is a winning card. Most probably  lot of people would have played it, and perhaps they would be interested in producing a Gabriel Knight 4.

ps. ‘Coming soon by Vivendi: Gabriel Knight 4: The Vampire Slayer,  available for  your  XBOX360, compatible with USB laser guns.’… please NOOOooo …. just joking 😉