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(re: Alternate Sins Soundtrack?) There are still a few sites that have Downloadable .WAVs and MP3s of the music… although not too many have been updated. You can read about what Robert Holmes considered to be his inspiration at Just Adventure or Ugarte’s website. As for myself, I really loved the GK3 theme and and GK1 theme. But, it was GK2 that caught my eye and then upon seeing the Sierra name, reminded me of the Nintendo version of KQ5… which I still own. After living in Germany for 4 years as a teenager, I had traveled to Bavaria many different times. And the FMV was what made me buy GK2 as soon as I saw it. As of now, I have 3 GK1, 2 Limited Edition 1/2, 1 Limited Edition German, 2 GK2 box sets, 2 GK3 box sets. Why so many? If one breaks, I have another. Also, I used to buy and send them out to those that couldn’t get them in their country… reimbursement of purchase price and postage only. I did the same thing with the books that Jane wrote. A small number of them were also mailed to Jane for a special autograph from her. I made a lot of friends this way. If you’re interested in some of the download site links for the music, let me know and I’ll post them here.

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