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Yeah, I didn’t like how all you learn about Werewolves comes pretty much comes from one book in the castle. Then again, there aren’t exactly people who get their doctorate in studying it or any Werewolf museums around either. Maybe if it had taken place in a city that’s had werewolves, or at least crazys who thought they were like that case in the 1600’s (I think) where a guy confessed to being a werewolf and was burned at the stake. GK3 I HATED though. It wasn’t bad enough we had to learn where the Schattenjagers came from and have the mystery ruined, but it was a horrible plot device. Plus with Grace and Gabriel, can’t a woman and man be partners and stay platonic? Happens in reality all the time! It had lots of great ideas, a great setting, but just got lost along the way somewhere.