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(re: “Death of Adventure Games”) I don’t know what that guy is talking about. Gabriel Knight 3 was a great game to me. It took me awhile to get used to the camera controls, but in the end I loved it. That mosely disguise puzzle tooke me no longer than anything else in the game…Seemed simple enough to me, its logic. If you need a moped and the only one who hasn’t claimed one is mosely…then think about that for a minute.

GK3 was not the end of adventures….the end of “good” adventures maybe but it certainly wasn’t Jane Jensons fault. I found the GK series great, aside from needing many hints in GK1 🙂 (only because I became too anxious to see more of it all at once…I kicked myself when I learned the answers most of the time)

As for adventures nowadays…hum. I haven’t played any newer ones so I can’t say. I’m getting a new machine soon so I’ll need some direction as to what an “adventure” is today. I doubt its the same game type I know of..