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Dang Randy way to put it, DEAD! lol a little harsh but I was sort of thinking the same thing.  the core market for todays games was definitely too young at the time these classics were popular.  To James’ (hey capn Kirk just notices that name what the middle initial?) point I think they could be revived if they were repackaged in the right way. 

Think about this what if they took only the later Sierra Games (VGA with the point and click interface) and ported them to the Nintendo DS.  Use the 2nd screen for inventory items and maybe a map.  The interface is perfect and the graphics would look pretty decent on a screen that size.  Sell the games online on the Wii Shop console sort of like episodes (think what they did with the Sam & Max sieries).   I think a project like this would be small enough that someone capable could take it upon themselves to do it and present a finished product to Activision Blizz.  Heck just give it to them and cross you fingers they use it. 

From their perspective I guess they don’t like to touch the brands as they beleive it would dillute the brand value.  Maybe they plan to actually sell the Ip one day or release later compilations, or perhaps its a conflict with existing agreements (i.e., gametap)  who knows….