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Thanks for the comments CK. I appreciate the input. I disagree about the time being passed. As I said before, I introduced my daughter to the collection, and she laughed as hard as I had, and became a nextgen fan. (She’s 18 now, BTW). The thing of it is, the gamers of the current generation haven’t been exposed to anything but what the companies have had to offer. Let’s face it, Sony hasn’t exactly impressed the gaming world, and from my limited observation of the thing, the Xbox has a million titles with the same game engine. (A rose by any other name….).

I firmly believe that it just has to be presented to the right people the right way. Forget the past. The fact that the game was released over 25 years ago doesn’t even have to be mentioned. (The kiddies will think it’s a NEW game, and it would certainly be unlike anything they’ve ever seen before. The main body of the programming has already been done. If they want to update it to keep up with the hardware, so be it…that’s on them. But if they just want to stoke an emulator, there’s almost nothing to be done, save for interface recognition. Whoever OWNS the rights certainly would have nothing to lose. They’re sitting on a property that’s earning them nothing. One would think that in this economy, the mere hint of profit would have their corporate sphincters all a-twitter. With very little effort, the game could be brought to any one of the consoles. Besides, the gaming community might just be getting a little tired of “Call of Duty” vs.”Resistance”. (Same engine, different graphics). But remember the “Mortal Kombat” series had it’s genesis, (no pun intended), and rebirth. And then it spawned a whole slew of games based on the same premise. (Witness it’s latest incarnation : Mortal Kombat vs the DC Universe)! The game designers just have no imagination anymore. If they’re gonna bring back “Sega” games, at least inspire them bring back something clever and amusing. I firmly believe that the company that successfully re-launched the game would be sitting on a veritable gold mine. And the internet itself would be enough of an advertising market. I give as an example the buzz concerning “The Blair Witch Project”. It could be done….it SHOULD be done.