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Unfortunately the time has passed and apparently the interest for these classic tittles is just not enough to interest any investors in the industry to put any money into porting the tittles. Simply put no one out there believes they can get a return on their investment to justify the risk.

You can find the Sierra Classic tittles on Gametap. From my brief look over there it doesn’t seem to have a large draw.  Its a matter of customer attrition, its been several years and the brands have faded.   The adventure game genre in general has declined significantly over the years ( i think its about 5% of the market now)

I’ve done a bit of research since i got back into playing these old classic tittles and this a a brief summary of what I’ve found out that might interest you if you don’t already know:

-Al Lowe (Leisure Suit Larry) tried to make a come back in 2006 with a game called Sam Suede, got about a year into it and then the project was canceled.  The start-up studio was closed and that was it…sad.  From articles I read it appears he underestimated the cost to develop games for the nextgen consoles.  In addtion publishers did not want to come on board as they could not come up with comparables from which to estimate projections (its all about minimizing risks and making money).

-Adventure gaming does still exist in undergroung communities with small projects and fan based games. 

-apparently there is a small market for adventure games in Europe.  Classic designers like Jane Jensen (Gabriel Knight, Kings Quest VI) is coming out with a new game called Gray Matter.  Hal Barwood (Indiana Jones and the fate of Atlantis) is comign out with a game called Mata Hari.

Your not going to find the mainstream games we did in the past, the games coming out now are slow to develop and typically dont have the funds backing them to see the great production quality of the past.  The best we can do is to support the publishers/dev that put these games out in hopes that someday the genre might make a comeback. 

I think the best shot as far as Adventure games on a console is with the Wii.  It would actually be a perfect fit IMO.  The DS is great fit as well. 

Liesure suit Larry 7 had a good concept for a blended interface of text and point and click.

just my thoughts…