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Thanks for the vote of confidence Randy. Legal issues notwithstanding, I’d submit that the logical first step would be to find out WHO has the rights to the games. Once that’s established, it all comes down to a sales pitch. If the deal is packaged correctly, the corporate greed will undoubtably kick in, and there may yet be a possibility of ressurection for our beloved universe. (Case in point, the rerelease of the Midway classics on the PS2 format).

What fascinates me about the entire concept, is the high level of adaptability and the commercial potential of such a release. The controls of most console systems are ideally suited for the game. The text entries would have to be turned into a multiple choice box, since most people don’t own a keyboard interface. (They aren’t very practical, anyway). But, the manual dexterity portions of the game fall right into place with the controllers of most consoles.

Selling the idea would be all come down to a matter presentation to the “right people”, whoever they may be. Several possibilities come to mind; “Re-live the adventure”, “Do YOU have what it takes”, “Coming soon to a console near you”, are viable ad campaigns.
In addition, there are possibilities with the other properties, (i.e., Police Quest, Leisure Suit Larry, etc.), which¬†would only generate further income. I’d also like to see a deal struck for residuals for Scott and Mark. Brilliance should be rewarded, and God knows they deserve it.

James Kirk