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Keep in mind. While the scenes in the game are the same, and I am using Sludge Vohaul as the villain (how can I not?) – the story I am creating is slightly different than Space Quest the games… (You will see in Episode II, when Wilco falls into something… and lands… somewhere else… and when he exits one screen, it leads to something different)… 🙂 This way I can try to offer some silly new content by using all the classic stuff. 🙂

I’d love to get a hold of Scott Murphy or Mark Crowe to have them check out this little bit of madness. 🙂

Ah ha! Done uploading! 

Space Quest – Episode II – “As Long As There’s No…” – This one is just over 6 minutes and will cost you 16.something megs on your precious hard drive! In this episode Roger Wilco tries to find his way off of Pota… only to find himself in more trouble than he started with! The old saying, out of the frying pan and into the bushes sure applies here! How will Wilco get out of this one? Well, wait till Episode III and find out!