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(re: Space Quest Movie) Actually I just wanted to post new because that other thread is sort of several months old now. In any case i’ve been thinking about a space quest movie for a long time. Skip any other actors playing the parts of Roger Wilco, i’d have to say David Spade SHOULD be Roger Wilco. In fact he already played a janitor in Joe Dirt. And for Sludge Vohaul (assuming he’d be still alive when this would ever get made) should be played by none-other than Joss Ackland. If you don’t know who he is check this out –
— for the movies he’s been in. He was in the Mighty Ducks as Hans (who was the mentor to Emilio Estevez’s character) he was also in Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey as De Nomolos (the bad guy)… These are just a couple of the movies that stand out in my mind as something some of you would perhaps have seen… More recent, he was also in A Kid in King Arthur’s Court as King Arthur, and in K-19 the window maker… Of course a few of these aren’t that great of movies but they’re the ones I know him from most (except K-19 that i’ve only seen once). Anyways put him in blue makeup and you have Sludge Vohaul. Go find some pictures of him and you’ll know what I mean. Wow how did this message end up as a plug for him, when really I wanted to emhasize David Spade as Roger Wilco, i mean… He’s who i’ve always thought was most like Roger. In any case if they made a movie, they should use Space Quest 1 and 2 and combine them, it would make it pretty good… Anyway sorry for such a long post as my first post heh… I’m sort of emphatic about this and never had a place to put my thoughts on the subject 😉
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