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(re: Space Quest Movie?) This is quite the interesting topics. I enjoy making short films with my small acting group that I opened and I am director of, and we had to cancel a huge project this summer, so we’re currently deciding what should we do next for a short film (instead of a huge project).
As I look down my list here, we have about two or three ‘Sierra-Game Spin-offs’ that we may be doing over the summer. One of them consists of the ‘Hero’ revisiting Mordavia (Quest for Glory 4) in a small series, or a Leisure Suit Larry Spin-off: DiscoMan … Crazy superhero who acts a lot like Mr. Laffer.
Then another thing we were planning on doing was making three Quest for Glory related commercials, which would of course be humorous, and we would use them to advertise possibly QG2 Tierra’s remake (if they’re willing), or just for laughs.
So, I do have my list of work, although it won’t be nothing in theaters or such, since they are, ahem, copyrighted material of Sierra.