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(re: re: Little mistake in Sq6) The Eureka was definitely an issue, but I think they blamed him for its destruction (which is correct yet silly since the evil Cpt. Quirk i.e. the monster he had become wouln’t have been defeated hadn’t it been for Roger activating the Eureka’s self-destruction sequence.)
This is btw one more game I can’t play no more because of incompatibility with new hardware. There is one point where it crashes (right after DNA analysis) and there used to be a savegame to get past this point – which didn’t work for me… :o( It was one of my favorites and the only reason I bought a CD-ROM drive back then (Which were already a standard, but I’d always been a bit behind with the hardware)! I preordered this one, waited for ages and when I finally called the mail-order company they told me they were waiting for it to be translated to German! I thought I’d drop dead! I had my copy in no time then, after telling them that English would be OK. :o)
A fine game really. I once read a review on JA dubbing it the worst Space Quest yet but I think it was one of the best. Oops! TMI. I always get carried away when it’s about Space Quest… ;o)