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Thanks NewRisingSun, you’ve been very helpful! I look forward to any insight Ken can give on this one now.

Some comments on new website version that arise from this post:

1) As I notice when I’m replying to NewRisingSun’s post, when it quotes the post above, it doesn’t say who wrote it – it should!

2) Interesting style for the title of the message you’re replying to (big, spaced out, red) – but it should be smaller and there should be a blank line between the title and the contents of the post.

3) NewRisingSun’s messages don’t display properly in the daily email… I don’t know why, his (or her I don’t know!) messages are the only ones that seeem to do this, oddly enough.

4) The daily email thing.. does that just do x amount of messages per day? For example, each day it sends out the last 20 messages? It should either do x amount of messages every time you reach x amount new messages, or once per day with all the messages for that day – NOT both. Because what is happening now is each time, in the first 1/2 of the email, we get all the messages from the last 1/2 of the previous email – does that make sense?