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>So are you saying that it’s possible to replace the AGI
>file or the file from another Sierra AGI game
>without copy protection, and hence make the game work
>without needing the disk? Is that what you’re saying? I
>don’t know the structure of AGI games, so I don’t know
>which files are game-specific or not.

To replace the interpreter with that from another game, you would need to replace the file “AGI” and all *.OVL files. However, AGI also has the gameId (i.e. “SQ2”) hard-coded into the executable to prevent you from doing this (since you’re not supposed to bypass the copy-protection).

The best solution would be to download this program: 

SUP patches SIERRA.COM so that the keydisk prompt no longer appears, CPC.COM is no longer loaded and the buffer which would be filled by CPC.COM with the decryption key at run-time will be already filled at program start. Or in short: It just “cracks” SIERRA.COM. 😀

(BTW, this is exactly what SIERRA did for the collection versions — no, they did not properly *recompile* the games to remove the copy-protection, they just used a “crack” on their own games! How’s that?)

What I would really like to know is whether Sierra programmed CPC.COM all by themselves (unlikely, given the way it is implemented), or if they licensed it from some other company, and if that is the case, which company that was. Ken? 🙂