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(re: re: Space Quest EGA Original Disk) I feel ya, Brandon…
I have been thinking about this for about 2 years now, after finishing rebuilding and upgrading my old PCjr specifically for older Sierra games. I rebuilt it with all new parts, had it working blissfully, and guess what? A few months later the drive not only fails, but would kill any disk I put in it. Needless to say I severly damaged quite a bit of my ancient 5.25 disk Sierra collection, not to mention the DOS PCjr boot disk itself. Rage is not a word for my emotions then.
It got me thinking, why don’t I build a stand alone unit, with it’s own front end, that is built ONLY for the old Sierra games. Imagine… You hook this box up to your TV or Monitor, turn it on, and are greeted with the Sierra opening logo. Then, you are at a selection screen, where you merely choose the Sierra game you wish to play and “there you are” No sound issues, no installation, nothing. Sort of like a video game console. No need for CD support, it’s all on HD…
I have been working on this for awhile, and it would seem relatively simple, except that I have no programming skill whatsoever.
But I can dream!
In this day and age where there are emulators for almost every videogame system out there, it is sad that there is no common emulator that we seek. Vivendi or Sierra studios are blind to not realize that they could make a profit by making these games not only available, but PLAYABLE without hassle, on today’s computers, hell, even X-Box or PS2. And think of the development costs??? More profit than anything. Look how much the collections go for on eBay?
Look at Nintendo. Coming soon is a Gamecube bundle that has a Zelda disk, that contains playable Zelda I and II (NES), and Zelda Ocarina of Time, and Majora’s Mask (N64)…
If there was a King’s Quest disk that I could just put in my XP based computer and be confident that all games would run, I’d pay $200 for that disk alone.
Nuff said.