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(re: Space Quest EGA Original Disk) I can label the disk just fine, that’s not a problem. And now for a bit of rambling…
Thanks for the suggestions of diskcopy or programs to use… yes, I do have the actual real disk. That’s not my concern either though… But I’m sure I will try those in order to make a backup copy… I was hoping more for an idea from a programming point of view of how it works. Obviously someone knows, because I’ll admit when I grew up I did not have a legit copy of the game, but a cracked version that someone figured out how this works. What if in 10 years floppies are not used anymore? Laptops for example often come now with CD drives but no floppy drive (true, you can buy a plugin). Some would say the floppy won’t die, just like an audio tape – but it will become less used. Well the purpose of my question is whether I can avoid this without using a floppy at all (I guess I didn’t make that totally clear) – what is happening from a programming perspective?
This is obviously one of many issues relating to old hardware, old processors, the DOS operating system, that are making it hard today to play the old Sierra games. As I said in another thread, I got an old computer so I can still play the old games, and I will make a backup disk as you have suggested I might to use on that old computer. But what happens when the disk drive in that machine dies? Heh, you can see lots of arguments to my questions – but I just wanted to bring up this issue that hasn’t been discussed before, whereas other issues such as speed problems and timer bugs and the like have been brought up a lot already.