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(re: Space Quest taught me to type!) Brian, you’re not alone.
Believe it or not Sierra games also taught me to type. When I first caught wind of what they planned for KING’S QUEST V, my friend Shawn and I quickly dropped Sierra a line saying how bad of an idea this was, and that typing was not only more challenging (rather than clicking wildly on everything on the screen until something was picked up), but it also taught one how to, well, type!
We got the canned response that this was the wave of the future (well, I have to give them credit for being right at least). But I agree. To this day, I prefer playing the older Sierra games that require typing, just because those were the games that presented more of a challenge for me back then.
It’s been a dream of mine to “pull together” a creative team to use the AGI editors and what not to create Sierra type games, and just distribute them for free – just so others can have fun with the games, as I did when Sierra created them…