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(re: Space Quest IV is horrible) Back when SQ4 was released, Bill Gates was just dreaming of Windows 95, Intel were dreaming of 266Mhz processors and the world had a set of different problems to contend with (well, maybe not but you get the picture!).
Sierra’s developers used two parts of the system for timing. Unfortunately, one of those parts kept moving with technological advances thus making a lot of Sierra adventures unplayable (or at least unbeatable) on new systems. No-one could forsee this happening although Sierra knew about it by the time the created the Collection Series packs – they included a slow down program with instructions on how to use it. *Why* they didn’t spend a few days/couple of weeks and solve the problems like NewRising sun has done (it would have been *much* quicker done with the source in hand!) god (or maybe Ken) only knows!
NewRisingSun’s patches are quite amazing – they work, they’re reliable and they’re free.