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(re: Re-make V with voice-overs?) Brandon,

Who’s it goin?

I was thinking of doing a remake of Robin Hood with voices, but of course, it never got past the “thinking” stage 🙂

On top of all the work involved simply getting voices in the game and working and looking decent, the voice actors would also have to be decent, or it could hurt the game. I doubt we could get Gary Owens to do the narrative for SQV, and if not, it’s already downhill. Maybe there are some good impressionists out there 🙂

With all the remakes coming out today (Resident Evil 1, Metal Gear Solid 1, Metroid 1, etc, etc..), I think there MAY come a day when Sierra, dead or alive, does remake some of the more popular titles, and only if they could actually turn a profit. But it would only be certain games that are regarded highly, and even then, hope is the only fuel for such thoughts….