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It’s official, the worst delay yet, I go my e-mail from Amazon today, and in the biggest leap yet, it now says the King’s Quest Compilation has been pushed back all the way to DECEMBER 31 !!! Estimated shipped by Januarary 4-7 of 2007 !!!!!!!!!!!!! Why O Why O Why? Can’t they see how much those compilations go for on eBay now? If they got the games out there and working nice in XP, they stand to restart the Series and bring a whole lot of people into the games again. I mean, there was a huge article in CGW about KQ !!!! If they did it right, good things could happen.

It’s just so hard to see what at least in my opinion deserves ALOT better treatment. Woe is me! I feel heartbreak over the loss and mistreatment of my beloved Sierra!

Oh yeah, was it just a rumor or fact that Vivendi had someone working on porting these games to XP? I hope that is the reasoning behind these delays! They taunt me with the fact they let the preorder show up on Amazon. On top of their disregard of our beloved series, they feel the need to slap me in my face and tease me with these releases. I am heartbroken now. Truly.