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Toss them out!  I can’t believe you would even suggest that I would do such a thing.  Well actually I have thrown away, King’s Quest II, King’s Quest III, King’s Quest IV, King’s Quest V, King’s Quest VI, Stellar 7, Nova 9, Space Quest I or II?, Laura Bow 2, Roberta Williams Anthology, and Quest For Glory ?? Sierra Games.  Non-Sierra games were: Mean Street, Test Drive 3, National Lampoon Chest Master or Champion? and maybe more.   That is only the PC games.  I had SNES and the Playstation with many more games at one time. 

Why?????? Smiley  Focus more on college, would not work on my new computer to my knowledge at the time, may be objectable to my Christian wife or brother who I gave the computer to…Why????

Anyways, I would like to hang on to it if it is important.  I would also like to see that those like Brandon and Vintage-Sierra who keep the history of Sierra alive need the information, box shots, scans…  I don’t expect my children to open up the old games and think much of it as something to pass on to future generations.