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“… (by JT Harkey) this is a very good point. i almost agree with them if that is the case. being a programmer myself i do not support downloading software.

i was thinking this too. i figured it would be too costly to actually recode them, there were way too many versions of each engine to deal with. if you remember, old sierra did this too back in the day with some of the collections, all they did to deal with the timer issues was put a copy of one of those cpu slowdown utilites on the disk instead of actually fixing them.

I agree and don’t agree. I purchased all the PQ/SQ/LSL games and a vast majority of the others. But through the years the disks went bad, got lost, etc. So, my point of view is that I paid for them years ago therefore I should still be entitled to play them. Granted the only proof I have is that I sent in my registration cards on each to ensure my subscription to the Sierra Magazine stayed current.
I am sure that [abandonware] has added a number of new fans (maybe not a lot but some) that wouldn’t have been fans if they couldn’t aquire them by a legal/illegal means. To new gamers who are used to the advances in gaming today would also probably be turned off by the standards of the 80’s-early 90’s when these games were cutting edge.

No chance of a complete re-code. We’re talking 20+ titles here, it’d be in the high millions to bring them up to todays technology and would probably ruin the game for the old timers. (Cough) LSL – Magna Cum Laude (cough)

I remember the cpu fix. I tried loading the original pq on a 486/66 or maybe a P1 and sonny bonds would fly off the screen and be killed by traffic by the time I could press the right arrow key to stop him again.

Finally, I realized that these are compilations, not collections. So it may just be a subset of each collection. But we can hope that they are complete. Also, it’d be great if they release the [CGI] originals along with [VGA] remakes.

Maybe Ken or one of the other Sierra originals can give their opinion on what it would take to fix the original source to work in today’s enivronments(Opposed to just including a DOSBOX type emulator)? What they expect these may contain (Unreleased art/movies/parts of the game that never made releases)?

Also, will the old Sierra employees be buying their old work to replay their old creations? (I saw a post somewhere here that Ken stated Roberta and him don’t have a complete collection of Sierra games from when they owned the company)

I also found it funny that Meriam Webster’s Legal Dictionary defines Compilation as:
A collection of preexisting materials and data so arranged to form a new original work under the law of copyright