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“… (by JT Harkey) i will admit that this seems real and promising, but doesnt anyone think that it is very odd that they havent started advertisement on these collections with less than a month till release? especially since they are so old and most people will not be out looking for them. i mean, if they only include the “classics” the last one was LSL7 back in 96. the video game market has a short memory. and where the heck is a Quest for Glory collection, and why not Phantasmagoria also? it was a huge hit for sierra. i still think something is fishy about it. how do you have conformation of it brandon?

My guess is that they are going to try and capitalize on what they can with the games and see how they sell. If there is a lot of interest they may ok another title for one or many of the series, which follows the story lines since the recent LSL was a big disappointment. (IMO) Additionally, it may just to bring them out of the unofficial Abandonware status so they have a reason to shutdown the sites hosting the files. Granted, they could have done this already without releasing the games. They might not be releasing the additional collections that you mention until they see how these do. I think LSL, SQ, KQ, and PQ were some of the best selling series back in the day. At least they were the ones that I always concentrated on.
My fear is that all they are going to do is push DOSBOX out the door with the original code all on one cd/dvd and rake in what they can. It’s probably a great way for additional capital, since they’d have to do absolutely nothing with the exception of support. Which may be why they aren’t marketing them at all. Besides, the people who are going to buy the games are the ones on this and other Sierra Classic fan boards. The general gamer today is not going to be interested. (Not a shooter, no rape, no car jackings, pimping, need I go on?)