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I bought a set of 3 Space Quest comics from Brandon and wanted to post about what a great experience it was.  He showed me pictures of the 3 comics I would be getting as well as outlined any flaws he could find, however negligible they may be.  He packaged them really nicely and they arrived in the same condition as described.  He even refunded some of my shipping money since the cost turned out to be less than he thought.

The best part is that he shipped them out on the 25th and they arrived on the 28th!  Although that may not be directly relatable to Brandon, it just made me even happier with the sale.

If you want a set of comics I urge you to purchase one.  They are really cool and this was the first I’d ever heard about them.

Anyway, that’s my experience with Brandon and urge others to get a set while you still can if you’re the least bit interested.