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Ken, I’ll put you down for a set, because you should have them. I don’t expect a lot of bites. Besides my own original copies (I bought them back when they were first released!) and a set of near mint archival copies that I’m keeping, I have a few sets for sale plus some extra issues for sale that don’t make a full set of three comics.

They are quite rare. I don’t like to sell on eBay because you never really know when you’re going to reach fans who want them. You might list an auction and it runs for 7 days, and no one buys it but a month later someone looking for the comics goes onto eBay. Also, every time you list eBay charges you a small amount, as well as a commission if you make the sale. Secondly, you never know when you are going to get a good price on eBay. You can set a minimum bid or a buy-it-now option, but at one time during the year you might sell for a low bid and another time of the year you might sell for a high bid. Lastly, when I first announced this I announced it on Frans’ site as you can see from my first post in this thread. I really thought they’d all sell but I only sold one issue. I guess all the collectors there already had copies. I’m hoping by announcing it again here that I’m going to directly reach the collectors out there who want copies. If they don’t sell, well, I will list them on eBay, or maybe just hang onto them a while longer.

Anyway. I want these to go to good homes, and it’s the time of year when one needs money to buy Christmas presents and I saw these sitting on my shelf again, so maybe there’s some more interested people out there. A set of these would make a great Christmas present! And I trust that the people in this community are good people so with the security of a Paypal payment I’ll happily sell these outside of a system such as eBay.

If anyone needs to check MY reputation you can view my eBay feedback at the link below. Also, the process I listed above of sending you various photos of the actual comics you’ll receive and your package of comics should put anyone at ease who wants to buy from me.