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From what the sales person told me, the “Pre-2004” only applies to PC games (new OR used). Although I know GameStop has begun to phase out the original NES and GameBoy games. Reasons being obvious: It’s too easy to just burn a PC game and sell it back, and #2: People have emulators for almost all of the old consoles on their PCs now and can download almost evey game at less than a meg apice. So nobody’s interested in “booting up” the old console, having to blow on the games, etc. Just us nostalgic types! 🙂

Yeah, it’s true that people *MAY* just dump their stuff at Goodwill, but if they’re not going to get any money for it, it’s easier to dump them in the trash outside EB Games than it is to drive to a goodwill for some people… 🙁 It’s the same if anyone wants old editions of virtually any textbook, just check the trash outside college book stores on “buyback days”