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(re: Manuals found (Hero’s Quest 1 and S101)) Hi there,
About Spellcasting 101:

It was an illustrated text adventure (i.e., you actually saw your surroundings in the form of still images. You could click on various elements of the screen to select an item, but most of the action took place by typing and reading – no walking around there.)
The story went something like “King’s Quest III meets Leisure Suit Larry” – You’re a poor slob called Earnie Eaglebeak, badly treated by evil stepfather Johnny Rottenwood who’d rather see you cleaning dragon dung than enroll at Sorcerer’s University which is your dream – because “Sorcerers get all the girls”. So the first task is to escape home and get to SU before your evil stepfather finds out…
This was one hilarious game! I’m actually interested in the manual as well as the HQ1 manual.
Brandon has already stated he’d like to have the HQ1 manual – about the SC101 manual, I’d be very glad to buy that from you. Interested in selling?