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(re: re: re: re: re: Which games are now public domain?) I did get through to the VU Games CEO, a gentleman named Bruce Hack (who I’ve never met before).
Actually… the VU Games people have, thus far, been amazingly nice and accessible. They seem very open to talking. I think they were nervous at first that I had some ulterior motive in contacting them. It has taken several emails to convince them that I really am not looking for a job – nor money of any sort. I understand how they feel. I can’t imagine, that during my tenure at Sierra, I would have believed it if someone had said “can I help?” Sad as it is, few people ever say that and really mean it (in the big-business world).
Specifically, I told them that if they were a public company, I would be lobbying to be put on the board. I’m not ready to settle down and work a regular job. I feel bad that people might think I’m being lazy — but, I worked HARD for almost 30 years (nearly 18 of which were at Sierra) — and, I need some time to relax. Roberta and I spend most our time traveling now, and are having a blast. As I write this, I’m in Rio for Carnival. Life is good…
The next step is for us to meet “face to face”. That will take a month or two to make happen, but I do believe that we are on track for me to have some voice at Sierra. I’m excited thinking about it, and hope that it works out for them, for me, and most importantly: for all the people who want great games. It’s way too soon to say what will emerge from these discussions, but the indications are very good.
I’ll report more, as I know more…
-Ken W