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“Ken, I hope I speak for others when I say that no matter how small a step this may be … it makes some of us wet our pants.”

I laughed out loud at this message because it’s so true. My reaction to Ken Williams talking in any capacity to VU Games induces me to pee with excitement. Sad, but true.

How amazing the pull these games have had upon us all. Things from these games have stuck with me for years and years. I still revere them after all this time. And how much would we love to see these characters and game creators return to the fold? There are characters and themes that have nowhere near tapped their potential, and after all this time the market would certainly not be saturated with similar product. Gabriel Knight? Space Quest? Laura Bow? These are fantastic concepts whose return is overdue.

If you need any evidence for the VU guys, Ken, point out how almost a decade after the decline of Sierra adventures there is still a thriving community online. People lovingly remake them with no hope of remuneration, and the originals go for so much on ebay I can’t even afford them (tried to pick up Roberta’s anthology last night… no dice!).

I worked in a Gamestop for five years and I can’t count how many times people would bemoan the loss of Sierra without my prompting them. This occurred very, very often. The thing is, these people were often women or non-gamers who were accompanying their gamer friends or boyfriends into the store. While the friends checked out the latest FPS, they would bemoan the fact that there was nothing for them to play. Usually, the story would be that they hadn’t played anything since the last King’s Quest, or Quest for Glory, or whatever. They would ask if I could recommend anything at all, and while occaisionally I could recommend the one adventure title that came out that year, they would mostly leave the store emptyhanded.

Not only is there a built-in market for any quality game in the Sierra style (us), there’s also a large market of lost gamers who need only to be reached by an ad campaign to return to the fold. Now we just need the games…