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That angers me that you got “Slashed”.

A good decade or so ago, I went to the BX at Nellis AFB and bought what I thought were “brand” new Sierra games (PQ 1-3, KQ 1-3, LSL 1-3 and QFG 2). All had a golden sticker around cheap shrink-wrap with the Slash name on it.

Though the games worked, I got none of the goodies to go with it, because all of the games looked cheap. The floppies all had dot-matrix labels, and the docs, like you have stated, were all photocopies. The magazine for LSL 3 wasn’t even use-able as I couldn’t see the numbers for the code to the waiter.

I also bought other games, like a new version of Double Dragon (dropped soda on original version) and DOS 5.0 that were also “Slashed”. Some LucasArts games were even slashed, as were many EA and Accolade games.

The key give-away to a Slash game is the extremely cheap box, usually a slip-cover, not the deluxe cover over a box that I recall everybody but LucasArts using at the time. Even the label for the system requirements are cheapened, and the actualy printing on the box looks like a color photocopy, and I wouldn’t put it past them.

Now, though the “original” as Slash version is not, playable it is, and everything is usually entacted. The only two games I ever had any trouble with is LSL 3 and Silpheed, both which I bought at a Smith’s Food King in Vegas. No, Larry 3 was at the BX . . . or maybe I bought them at the BX and a good many other games at the Smith’s FK? I can’t remember. The last Slash game I bought was Mortal Kombat 1 for PC, and all of the blood was gone till I used a code for it.

As I stated, the games play 95% of the time, so, as a teen, I bought many, many Slash games at the BX at Nellis, the Smith’s FK, Blockbuster Video, Target, Kaybee’s and a few small mom-and-pop stores. The average game was about $5 at the most in price, and many sold from $1.99 and up (Zork, Leather Goddess of Phobes). As a teen, I could go spend $50 on a new game (console or PC) or I could use that $50 and get LOTS of good games, just a few years on in age.

Now, if you get Slash games for over $10 to this day, that’s getting taken to the cleaners. I still find Slash games at Smith’s, book stores, thrift stores, and at CompUSA’s discount bin, whenever it’s out.