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(re: Looking for King’s Quest I (original)) In the original AGI Sierra games such as the King’s Quests and Black Cauldron, if you had CGA (instead of EGA), they used to come up in 2-colour Black and White mode and if you pressed Ctrl+R (I think) they would switch into 4-colour CGA mode (with dithered colours) or 16-colour composite CGA depending on your monitor – you could also press the ESC key and navigate to the option in the menu’s. I think this is maybe what Raul is talking about.

It sounds like it was King’s Quest 1, but the crashes he talks about are maybe because he had a corrupt disk.

Raul, you can play the original KQ1 on a PC using the NAGI interpreter (just search for NAGI in google). You don’t need an Apple ][ emulator.