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(re: Sierra Online 1989-90 Video Catalogue) Brad:

Let’s go ahead and host the video on this site. They (my hosting service, MaximumASP) recently raised my monthly bandwidth allotment, so I’m in good shape. I’ll watch to see how much of a spike in bandwidth it causes — if it’s off the top of the charts, I’ll have to rethink this decision.

-Ken W

PS I read the comments about the worry that this is Sierra copyrighted material. This is a real issue. However, I have mentioned several times to Sierra’s senior management that this site exists, and described its contents. To my knowledge, they have never come here, even though I’ve encouraged them to do so. The odds that they’ll come here, see their own advertising on public display, and then sue me, and negligible. That said, if they ever do actually write me a nasty letter – I’ll pull the files off quickly (but will be shocked if this ever occurs).