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(re: Sierra Online 1989-90 Video Catalogue) You’re right, there probably won’t be any problems. A point to remember, though, is that when a corporation (or someone representing a corporation) wants to stick it to you, they usually will. You know what I mean if you’ve ever been on the bad side of a supervisor. Suddenly every detail of your job performance is analyzed, every minute you’re late to work is recorded, and so on. That way once they finally boot you out the door, they’ll have a paper trail to back up their actions. Corporate lawyers can use the law in the same way.

TECHNICALLY it may still violate Sierra’s copyright to distribute that video over the internet, since the video itself, while intended for advertising purposes, is protected against duplication and distribution in another medium by a third party (such as a MPEG file posted on a website). For instance, if you wanted to post a Tiger Woods American Express ad on your website, in MPEG format, AMEX could sucessfully sue you for copyright infringement since they did not authorize you to duplicate and distribute their advertisement.

No corporation in their right mind would prosecute someone for something that trivial, though, UNLESS they were in another dispute over another copyright, patent, or contract. Then they could get bent out of shape if they saw a legal advantage in doing so.

Again, most likely it won’t happen. But for the sake of the Williams and any legal dispute or negotiations they may be involved in, there is no sense in muddying the waters, especially when Ken has provided this site out of the kindess of his heart and the depths of his wallet.