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Hmmm… I wasn’t aware of all these “sniping” sites out there. Do they charge for the service or is it free? I really do miss the good old days of eBay, which is just like the good old days of everything else: less idiots! I actually think I outsniped a sniper the other day when I manually bid an odd amount (like $34.83 or something) during the last 30 seconds. It looks like someone tried to outbid me, but the odd amount threw them off. SWEET!

On the other hand here’s MY latest frustration:
I bought a set of KQ’s for relatively cheap that were listed as “Like new, near mint, yadda yadda” with “all manuals and paperwork.” The photos were bad, but it looked like everything (yes, everything) was there.

So they get here, and KQ5 is missing a disk (there’s a startup disk for the 256c version instead), KQ6 is missing the Guidebook, and the boxes are in overall bad shape. Needless to say, I complain, the seller denies it and THEN claimed they’re “no expert” and they were “as-is” 🙁 The seller never left feedback after they got my payment because they wait to see what other people say about them first. The feedback profile shows in every negative instance (about 5 out of 350) the seller retaliated by leaving negative for the buyer too!! Which is why the whole feedback system is flawed, but anyway…

/rant over! 🙂