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(re: re: Auction Sniper for sierra games.)

I see what you are saying… but where does it end? If the bid goes to $102 then you would bid $103? You snipe auctions at the highest price you are willing to pay. So if $110 would cover it then you choose $110 and win the auction between $100-$109. Or bid $150 and win at $109 to be extra safe. Snipe at your highest proxy bid. It works very well for me. For example, Gmail accounts sell for $40-$85. I sniped two Gmail accounts at $30 each. I relisted 1 Gmail account and it sold for $84! I must have lost 12 Gmail account snipes because I set my snipe limit to $30, but I sold 1 of those Gmail accounts for $84. Sniping is a different practice altogether. 🙂

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