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(re: Auction Sniper for sierra games.) Sniping is always controversial… disregarding that 5-second site, what if your maximum bid is $100? Now, you put in $100. Someone else also has a max bid of $100. You’re away and in the last minutes / seconds, that person bids $101. But, if you were there, you would gladly go $1 more (now a total of just $2 more than your “max” bid). So you really have to stay to the end of the auction to watch for that.

Ah well… my eBay spending money is pretty much spent so I’ll probably remove my searches now. I’ve built up a great collection of stuff to help out my work on this site over the past few months, but I’m out of cash. I’ll have to start the processing work now so we actually see some cool stuff around here!