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Good news on getting your hands on new Sierra games at an amazing price in South Africa! Please note that I am not in anyway affiliated to the company mentioned – just a customer and Sierra collector that wants to spread the word.

Take2 (who courier to anywhere inside South Africa – sorry no overseas) are selling the following ORIGINAL titles at R25,00 each!

Link: Caesar III – Sierra Best Sellers (PC)( 

Link: Diablo – Sierra Best Sellers (PC)( 
– OK I know this is not exactly a Sierra release…

Link: Gabriel Knight 3 – Classic (PC)( 

Link: Grand Prix Legends – Classic (PC)( 

Link: Ground Control – Classic (PC)( 

Link: Gunman Chronicles (PC)( 

Link: SWAT 3D Elite Edition (PC)( 

Link: Throne Of Darkness : Sierra Best Sellers (PC)( 

Link: Zeus : Sierra Best Sellers (PC)( 

They also have the following “Sierra” branded PS2 Titles for R83,00:

Link: No One Lives Forever (PS2)( 

Link: James Cameron’s Dark Angel (PS2)( 

Link: Half-Life (PS2)( 

Head over to:
to see the complete list.

What is amazing is that these are original titles and courier fees are only R29,00 per order (not per title)! I have ordered from this company a number of times and I have not been disappointed.

Michael (op365)

(PS: For interest sake for overseas folks trying to workout how much this is… at the current exchange rate: US$ 1.00 = +/- R6.30 – R stands for Rand)