Reply To: Activision and Sierra


I read an article that quoted Ken Williams saying this:

“We’re very proud of what we created all those years ago with Sierra Online, and today’s news about carrying Sierra forward as an indie-specific brand is very encouraging,” said Sierra founder Ken Williams in an official statement. “We look forward to seeing Sierra’s independent spirit live on, and are especially excited to see what The Odd Gentlemen will do with King’s Quest.”

This is where I learned that The Odd Gentlemen, the developers behind “The Adventures of PB Winterbottom” a well reviewed action adventure platformer, are making the new game.


I wanted to know how Ken was notified about the game.  Didi activision reach out for his blessing?  Or did the Odd Gentlemen do so out of respect?  Also what does he mean by indie-specific?  Did activision or whoever has the IP’s come to some new agreement that is indie and fan supportive?