Reply To: Sierra Original Artwork


The Art of Sierra / The Sierra Archives projects are attempting to access as much original artwork and development materials from the Sierra games as possible in order to archive it in the highest quality possible, so that we can help preserve and celebrate the legacy of Sierra’s games and all the people who made them.

The later games had painted backgrounds (and photo/video work) that were digitized, but the earlier games were all drawn with Sierra’s art tools and there is much less artistic development material.

All of Sierra’s original artwork and development materials were lost when Sierra shut down, however, it surfaces from time to time from the original artists as well as Sierra alumni.

We are still archiving materials for these projects as well as trying to go back to some of the materials we archived very early in the project that do not meet the quality standards that we now have for the highest possible quality preservation. Besides collecting materials, we are also looking for fans with extraordinary collections and great Sierra stories to tell, as well as wanting to get in touch with everyone who worked at Sierra for interviews. If you can contribute to these projects in some way, please get in touch with me!