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If Ken comes by, I am sure he will answer… But my feeling is (from what I have read) is Ken and Roberta get to sail around the world, at their leisure, with no pressures of deadlines, co-workers, HR, paying employees, etc. Neither of them is a part of any branch of Sierra, anymore. So first, they’d have to build a company. Next, they’d have to hire people. Then, they’d have to try and invent something that – as you said – is ground breaking. That, is much harder to do these days, without some incredible finances to back you up. While I am sure Ken and Roberta are “well off” with their retirement; I am not entirely sure they could launch another company – even if they wanted to (and, I am pretty sure, neither of them wants to!) They put their time in. They created Sierra and forged some incredible games, that to this day, many of us still replay! (And if you need help, I’d recommend going to: for getting these classics running on modern games!)

Ken and Roberta have left their mark in the gaming world. They got out on a high note (if you, in my opinion, exclude Mask of Eternity). Even to this day, folks like Al Lowe tried to get a new game out there with Sam Suede, and despite generated interest; it sadly, never went anywhere. Jane Jensen has put out a new game called Gray Matter, which is pretty good, but didn’t get much attention. These days, the PC gaming market is very, very, very difficult to break into and stand out in. Evolution, it seems has gone from Arcade Games (remember, when all the malls had arcade centers?), to PC Gaming (remember when owning a PC was a BIG deal?), now to Console Gaming…