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Quote: “I keep thinking about this subject, and I noted that they’ve just
released the KQ and SQ collections on Steam this week. See? Viability!
And it was just a lazy port, too… There’s so much these games can be
good for! (And profitable!)”

They weren’t even ports. They were just the VU re-release from a couple of years ago that just used an, even then, outdated version of DOSBox. I half suspect that the company that did the releases was actually abandonware people that got caught by VU and VU decided to reuse what they had. I say this because they were stripped of a lot of files that would have been shipped with anything that the real Sierra would have included. Abandonware is often ripped like this. Also the fact that the games came from a number of different sources, such as the KQ6 was taken from the 2nd collection while 7 came from the 2nd release of the CD. In addition, they really botched the integration of DOSBox.

It would have been much easier and faster to have started from the 2nd collection, stripped out the non-KQ games and written a new installer for it. I could easily have done a far better job by myself from my copy of the 2nd collection in less than a week (minus the packaging), instead of the many months that they took. I practically have, anyway, with the new installers that I have on my site, The Sierra Help Pages.

New Sierra Game Installers

For more information about what was wrong with the King’s Quest Collection, see this thread. I have developed patches that address all of the issues that these releases had. All of the other three VU collections had many of the same issues. If you look at the Steam forums you will see that they were using some of the solutions that I had developed for the initial release of the collection.