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From ATVI 10k filling for the CYE 12/31/2008

‘As part of our restructuring and integration efforts,
we have exited or are winding down several of Vivendi Games’ legacy
studios or businesses, including Vivendi Games Mobile, and Sierra
Online, to achieve synergies and form the streamlined organization of
Activision Blizzard. Our goal is to substantially exit or wind
down these divisions by June 2009 to maximize synergies.’

Considering what Ken said about being offered the Company recently, it seems to me that ATVI might still have the bulk of the Sierra Online properties.  I would think the IP rights for the original Quest adventure games could go for pretty cheap considering they haven’t done anything with them for years.

You are right it doesn’ seem that they announce any agreements with the individual titles, its unclear to me if they actually sold the Larry IP to codemasters (makes sense that they would since it is clear they have no interest in the franchise).  Looks like the new LSL is a total disaster, which is great news!  I’m saying this because maybe this will drive down the value on the IP so much that Al Lowe could get it back (thats if he would be interested).

Nice investigating with the Gabriel Knight and Quest for Glory, you could be on to something, I hope!   Like you said it probably is up to the buyer and in this industry discretion seems to be important.  I can totally see Quest for Glory being valuable given todays RPG market.  I guess we can only wait and see.