Reply To: Would you Ken?


Thanks for sharing with us, Ken.  Since the deal with Activision, there hasn’t been much mention of what will happen to the Sierra brand.

I appreciate your patience and openness with your legions of fans.  I’m sure you’ve answered the “will you come back?” question hundreds of times now.  We love Sierra so much we can’t help but hold a tiny place in our heart for the “what if?”

However, I understand if it doesn’t make business sense to buy back your brand and try to restart a company.  Sierra was born and raised at a very special time by a very special group of people.  Although Sierra would be at the top of their game today if you were still in charge, you can’t fire the company back up and expect the same magic to just fall into place now.  

That said, the loyalty and devotion of Sierra’s fans is something that can never be taken away.  I believe that under the right leadership, Sierra could make a very exciting come back.  The computer game market today is a joke, it is ready to be revitalized.