Reply To: Would you Ken?


I just had the chance to buy Sierra back, and passed.

There are many reasons.

1) I am busy boating, and that is taking all of my time (see
2) It takes a LOT of money to build a game these days, and I don’t have that kind of money, and don’t really want to get into fund-raising mode. This is the wrong time to try to raise money.
3) I’m “over the hill.” Great games are built by people who are in touch with the target audience. I’m 55 now! I’m not sure I relate to the gaming demographic anymore.
4) I have .. a website making company (this site is built on a 5 year old version that has never been updated, so don’t think this is representative). Talkspot is doing VERY well and I’m overloaded working on it.
5) Roberta is busy on a book about the irish immigration. She isn’t thinking about anything except her book.

I do plan to add games to when I get some time (they would be widgets that people building sites can add to their sites). Talkspot has a huge amount of traffic across our sites. A widget would immediately have critical mass, and I have some cool ideas for multiplayer games. I’m thinking on a two-year timeframe, not tomorrow.

-Ken W