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(this exact same thread has been started in the Fan Games section. I apologize – only now did I realize this board would have been a better choice, as it seems to be directly… er… directed to Ken Williams. So I’m reposting it here, and if any moderators would like to delete the previous thread, feel free)

Howdy. I’m a newcomer to these forums, and truth to tell I don’t plan on staying overmuch – I came here because I understand that Ken and/or Roberta Williams come here at times, and I would like to drop them a line. Not having been able to find an e-mail adress, and having nothing to hide, I decided to post here – hopefully, even if they don’t see this message, someone here could tell me how to contact them.

Basically, I’ve started making a text-adventure version of Phantasmagoria. I’ve started it without meaning to release it – I wanted to learn Inform 7, and I wanted to get back to writing, and I wanted to make a text game, and I couldn’t come up with any design, story, puzzles and whatnot. So I took Phantasmagoria as a model – an exercise. It was never meant to be public.

However, the more I get into it (and in truth, I am not all that far into it – only the inside of the house is done, and that only the first two floors plus the wine cellar), the more interested I get. I’m starting to wonder whether it might not shape up to a good IF (interactive fiction) game, and a very personal hommage from me to the woman whose creations have allowed me to investigate, explore, dream, shiver, hope.

But I will *not* do anything of the sort without Roberta Williams’ blessing, or at least her consent. I also know that at this point it’ll be Vivendi who owns the copyright – I have hopes that an IF version of a 7cd-FMV adventure game is low-profile enough so they won’t bother, much as I had no trouble in my Larry 2 Point and Click remake (using AGS).

Mrs. Williams, if you’re reading this, it would be a pleasure and an honor if you’d allow me to pay you this hommage. The chunk I have already made is available for you to see, though I won’t post it publicly, for the reasons stated above.

If Mrs. Williams or Mr. Williams don’t come here much anymore, could anyone please give me their contact, or let them know about this post?

Much obliged.

Peter Pears