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Here’s a small supplement to my message below:

I worked for years on trying to buy the film rights to Leisure-Suit Larry. I’ve always wanted to make a film, and think Larry would be perfect. Various regiemes at Sierra have said yes to selling me the rights, and then all have been swapped out before a deal could be done. I might make another effort to get these rights, although, currently, I’m focused on other projects.

Much of my time is being taken up these days by Talkspot ( It’s a service that provides ‘build your own websites’ for small businesses. We currently have over 30,000 sites built, and are adding a couple of hundred a week. It’s just something fun I’m doing with my son, but it does take time.

Also: Roberta and I are addicted to boating. We crossed the Atlantic a few years back, explored the Bahamas last year, and just finished running our boat 5,000 miles from Seattle to Costa Rica. Next summer we start a circumnavigation with a run to Alaska, the Bering Sea, Siberia and Japan. I’ve also published two boating books, that have sold extremely well amongst the dozens of other people who are into serious long-range cruising.

For retired people, we do keep busy…

-Ken W