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Hey Ken!

I’m trying to write a comprehensive history of Sierra; I have some questions. I’ve included some links for you to look at; perhaps you can correct some of the information. I’d really appreciate it as my goal is to eventually write a book on Sierra, though I doubt that will come to fruitation. Sorry for the number of questions, there’s just a very blurry time in Sierra history (1996-1997) in which there’s not a lot of information on the structure of the company and what was going on behind closed doors

1) When did you last work as the CEO of Sierra? I’ve heard conflicting reports that you resigned as CEO in July 1996 immediately after the sale to CUC; however, from downloading Andy’s scans of the InterAction mags, you still had your President’s Corner section as late as the Summer ’97 issue.

2) I’ve also read you worked as a ‘Senior Advisor’ at Sierra after the sale and for about a year or two afterward. Were you still there when Greno was brought in as CEO in June ’98? What kind of role did you play after resigning as CEO/Pres?

3) What were some of the last products you worked on at Sierra, if you remember? If you don’t remember, no need to answer this one.
4) Who took your place as the CEO or President?

5) How long did you work for CUC as Vice Chairman and a member of the Office of the President? 

6) What were the roles of Mike Brochu, Scott Lynch, Randy Dersham and Bill Moore at Sierra prior to and after the acquisition by CUC? 

and a non Sierra question:

1) A few years back, I remember reading that Roberta was working on a book, sort of an Irish ”Roots” sort of book. Is that still going on?