Reply To: 7 Questions for Ken


Sorry the large amount of questions, there’s just a few things I’ve been wanting to know.

1) I’ve heard that KQ7 was originally much larger than the final released version, and that there were several lands and plot points which were cut, such as a Rubber Jungle, amongst other things, and that KQ8 was a much different game than the one that was released. Is this true?
2) I’ve read that many Sierra designers wrote detailed biographies and facts of and about their characters to aid in the patenting process. In fact, I’ve read these bios and fact sheets were so detailed that Roberta could ”undoubtebly tell you what Rosella’s favorite color is” and that Lori Anne Cole could ‘tell you about the Bookwyms childhood’. Is this true, and if so, does Roberta still have any of her old character bios and would she be willing to allow the fans to see them?
3) At this point, even though it’s been a long time, do you ever contemplate jumping back in to the gaming business or at least buying some Sierra stock? Activision Blizzard, the company which now owns Sierra, is once more a publicly traded company.
4) Another thing I’ve read is that some designers would use up and coming designers as ”ghost writers”, and to help groom them into say an ‘A-List’ designer, they would be assigned to write or design part of an ‘A List’ designer’s game. Is that true?
5) Has Roberta changed her mind at all on letting her Design Documents be seen by the public?
6) Do you have any old Design sketches or any nifty old Sierra stuff still around? Or perhaps any interesting tidbits or stories about Sierra or the creation of some of the games, like KQ5 for example, that you’d care to tell?
7) Would you be interested in getting together via Radio, Chat or other form of distant communication, with some of the other Sierra veterans, like you did in 1999?

And a last, non-Sierra question: Have you played any games lately, new or otherwise?