Almost all of the games that were done for non-PCs were made by sub contract to third party companies. We never developed the inhouse capability to develop for other platforms and strictly thought of these as financial transactions. Someone would offer us some amount of money for the rights to a game on a platform (for instance, someone might say “we’ll give you $150,000 for the rights to LSL on the Sega, as an advance against a dollar a unit sold”). We would cash the check and that would be about the extent of our involvement. I considered these deals non-strategic, and really didn’t spend much time thinking about them. We usually had a clause that gave us the rights to inspect the games, but once again, I confess to not spending a lot of energy on those.

As to Sega CD specifically: I have zero memory of ever doing Sega versions of the games. There were some of these games that we did do at Sierra, but I can’t remember any that turned out well. There were things we did very well, and things we weren’t very good at. Normally, developing for non-PC platforms fell into the “we don’t do that very well” category.

-Ken W